June 2014 Age 91, Pint sized, Ruby Dee graduated frojm Hunter College in 1944, She starred in Raisin in the Sun in the 1950's on stage, and Raisin's motion picture in the 1960's. Ruby was the Guiding Light's First Black Soap star for over a decade. Her legacy includes earning SAG, Emmy, Oscar, Obie, Drama Desk and Tony awards. She and husband, the late, great Ossie Davis were the most famous Black thespianscouple..
   MAY 2014,  Age 86, Dr. Maya Angelou, Queen of Healing, Medal of Freedom Honoree, Poet, Singer, Novelist, Actress  Film Director and Producer who universally shared her gifts like they were ours.
     April 2014, Age 87, Basil Patterson of West Indian descent, raised in Harlem. An attorney since 1957 later New York City's Deputy Mayor of Labor Relations; Federal Mediator who  famously ended NYC's 45 Day Strike, elected as State Senator, and also became Secretary of State of New York. 
With his colleagues Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough President and IBC President,  Mayor David Dinkins, and Harlem's U.S Congressman
Charles Rangel, they solidified Harlem's political machinery and helped empowered Blacks politicians, nationally. His son, David Patterson became the first Black Governor of NYS, succeeding Governor Elliott Spitzer's controversial  resignation.
   Sept.  2014 Age  81, Joan Rivers
 evoked the spirit of a Comedian who is forever here, as Society's star-risen, female comedian, whose glamorous, savvy, sarconic and self-deprecating wit dazzled during her 50 years'  professional comic career.  Penning best sellers among her 10 books Joan  floored adoring fans, among strangers,on Fashion Police, the Show she created and produced with her only child Melissa. To date,  many celebrities, though subjected to her shameful outbursts about them, sorely missed the  joy of Joan Rivers.
      Coming: Senator                  Edward Books
Coming:  Tim Robbins:  
  Coming: Lieutenant 
 Captain Lilamae  Smith

  Coming: President/ Dr.        Nelson  Mandela 
  Jan, 1, 2015, Age 82, Mario Cuomo  NYS' Governor, Lt.Governor, Secretary of State, and America's most celebrated potential president and father of 2nd term NYS' Governor Andrew Cuomo.  This philosophical iconic former lawyer vetoed legislation for NYS' Death Penalty, appointed NYS' first Appeals Court's African American, Latino and female judges. He largely increased health and education benefits with His
Decade of the /Child bprogram, and New York lead the U.S. with its Aids education and/treatment
program. This Italian honors' law grad was rejected by many  firms before he was hired. His historical eloquent Tale of Two Cities
speech dubbed the  US as a "Have and Haves Nots' nation at during 1991's Democratic Convention, after refusing being drafted as the top Democratic candidate.

   Dec.  2014, age 84, Geoffrey Holder,  6" ft. 6 in. Trinidianian's 
Wiz's Broadway Musical director/ choreographer star's cast included Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor and Stephanie Mills' who's stardom soared in the Wiz. Holder earned Best Director and BestCostume
Tony Awards for the  Wiz, and Best Costume Tony nominee for
Timbuktu's Broadway Show that he choreographed and 
    May 2014, Age 72, Lewis Katz, former owner of NYC's Kinney's Parking System (must returned previous text to this document noted in the third NYGB'S 2014 issue
    April 2015  Age 96,  Dr.  Ben 
Jochaannon, Cornell Univ. Grad and  world famous Egyptologist, Historian  and Lecturer
     April 2015 Age 97, Dean of Preachers, Dr. G.C.Taylor of Brooklyn, NY's famous Concord Church
April 2015 Age 76, Ben  E. King
Singer-Songwriter of hit  Stand By Me and other records.  

     May 30 , 2015, Beau Biden, the United States' courageous State Attorney General of Delaware since 2006, was con-currently stationed in Iraq, as an U.S. Army Reserve Major,  in Iraq. in 2008.  Officer Biden's sterling  patriotic commitments symbolized his unbridled principles, similar to his father, U.S. Vice President Biden. Mourning him and others who passed this year, how the divine  Creator may reward them. 
   May 14, 2015 At 89, BB  King  the
 World's Famous  Blues' King Icon Guitarist, Singer--Songwriter,  whose legendary B.B Kings' Restaurant and Nightclub Franchise at Times Sq.'s West. 42nd St.,. Manhattan attracts thousands of guests every week. 
  Aug 2015 Before his 10 year stunt from 1998 as NAACP: Board Chairman, Horace Julian Bond the Morehouse Law Grad was Georgia's State Senator and House Rep. spanning several terms. This  young brilliant Civil Rights activist's political wherewithal also included that as Co-founder of what became the dynamic Student non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNNC) Southern Poverty Law Center.  During the 1970's,  my NJ female friends'  and my political
awareness peaked with Julian Bond, after becoming mesmerized with Nina Simone's \The King is Dead Black  Civil Rights song and literature and news headlines. We joked about how the handsome Julian Bond and Jesse Jackson would attract thousands of students, to help SNCC fight racism. Bond collaborated with the NAACP, Urban League and Dr. King's Southern Christian Leadership

  Sept. 13, 2015 - Moses Malone,
 basketball's top 50's Hall of Famer
Basketball genius drafted from his Virginia HS straight to pro basketball. A versatile ABA and ABA champion for several teams, Malone ranks from 1-5 in many categories, including his 13 consecutive All Star games,  three years' MVP awardee ​during Philadelphia '76's three reigning championship years. The Master free thrower and offensive re-bounder Malone''s "Fo, Fo, Fo, Fo Philadelphia's 76's prophecy  manifested as a victorious and historic four games' sweeps. NBA's Charles Barkley eulogized Moses Malone's generosity at his funeral.
     We dedicated NYGB's Nov. 2, 2015 SING YOUR SONG'S Singer-Songwriter Radio Show also to Posthumously promoted, Detective Randolph Holder was
wrongfully slain, as an officer who's dream was fulfilled to  to become an officer of NYPD'S Academy that he labeled "The Greatest Police Dept. in the World." His Guyanese father and grand-dad were police officers in Guyana. NYC Officer Randolph
wore his badge with honor, which was typical for most non-racist police officers. By the 1960's many families, friends and some folks regarded Black police officers with dignity.  Rev Sharpton generously offered to provide the eulogy for his funeral.
      Nov. 2, 2015  NYGB'S Sing Your Song's Singer-Songwriters Radio Show was also dedicated to NYS' Empire Development Corp.'s First Counsel Carey Gaby who was shot when he and his family left an annual pre-Labor Day Parade celebration party in Brooklyn. Mournfully Brooklyn Borough President's Eric Adam's, NYC'S Council Member Laurie Cumbo and Senator Jesse Hamilton's Sep. 8, March and Prayer Vigill  schedule in Brooklyn's did occur. Atty. Gabyl. "e was such a wise  and beautiful person who would have earned more at a large or private law firm. He instead chose to help his community," said  NY Gov. Cuomo
MAY 2014, Age 86, Maya Angelou 
with Malcolm X
 Jan. 2016. 40 years since diva 
Natalie Cole 's crisp, velvety silk tones landed her first Major Music award, her nine Grammys
rekindles how well she and her famed father, Nat King Cole's rich baritone-tenor voice still grace music charts, Few will deny how his inevitable influence on her Super Star career destiny also became their stellar certified, bonded father and daughter's rare music artistry that spiritually transcends.
 Jan 2016. David Bowie Britain's
Hall  of Fame Rock legend, singer and musician relished his life's definition of masculinity.  His 23 years' marriage with Somalian
Super Model, Iman made a
​difference. Lexi is their 16 years old daughter. 

    Feb. 2016 Mourning Michael J. Feeney,  at age 32, as NYS' Black Journalists 'Assn. President could not have been sadder for Mr. Feeney,  the distinguished, young visionary role model, scheduled to begin work at Atlanta's in  Atlanta. as a former writer for NY Daily News, Associated. Press, The Record,  etc.
       Feb, 2016 at 74, Maurice White founder, leader, arranger, musician, composer, of the top Earth, Wind & Fire disco band sold over 90 millions albums worldwide. During his hey dey,  someone from his major label suggestedMaurice of Earth, Wind & Fire's produce Prince's music., Prince refused. 
April 2016.  Alread missing Prince,
 the most extraordinary, renegade 20-21st Century  music avatar, who's Warner Brothers contract once increased to Warner's top s top $100 million music contrsct, is more than a memory, notably, on April 25. 2016 honoring  and celebrating the unfortunate and untimely loss of our musical icon, who touched millions worldwide, when HARLEM CELEBRATES PRINCE 'S OUTDOOR DANCE PARTY Mon. April 25, 2016, 5:30 pm, Adam Clayton Powell State Office Bldg., 163 W. 125th St. 
April 2016 Billy Paul's famous scintillating scintillating  Me and Mrs. Jones   earned his Best Male Vocal Artist Grammy in 1973.  Philadelphia's Gamble, and Huff wrote Billy's great ballad which sold 2 million singles in 1973.
directed. As dance legend, Carmen de Lavallade's husband, Holder, has also dance and choreographed for Alvin Ailey's Dance Theatre and other dance companies. Added to Geoffrey's reasonant ​iconic bass voice's Uncola and other TV commercials, many of his original art was sold, to help him relocate to the U.S.
June 2016.  Muhammad Ali's sagacity made boxing champion superstar, staunch fighter for justice, who won the world's first legal battle that released him from prison, as a Muslim, and aa witty poet .Click above photo to read spar trainer' Jimmy Sheen's
 great July WPIX-TV  Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest"  interview.
Oct. 2016.  Demands for Ken Thompson's legal advice could not have been greater, since becoming Brooklyn's first Black District Attorney. Two years later, I knew others who sought his introduction via other  NYC power-brokers. Thompson formerly a federal prosecutor successfully induced police officer  Justinb Volpe's
 confession about his torturing Abner Louima. As Brooklyn's DA he exonerated 21 unjustly sentenced Black and Hispanic prisoners. His sweeping reforms:  discontinuation of
 prosecuting marijuana users; forgiving petty civilian offenders has since been adopted by other NYC munnicipalities
Oct. 2016. Brooklyn born, Gloria Naylor's enthralling account of Black Women thriving, despite their bleak means of doing so in project housing, will forever remain one of the greatest books and film ever, as  her first book which won her first National Book Award. As a Guggenheim  Fellowship and American Book
Awards Winner Ms. Naylor wrote several other books
July 2016, at 71 Vaugh Harper acclaimed golden bass-velvet voice" also awarded him  as a Living Legend in Urban Radio for  35 years with WBLS
     April 2017, age Charlie Murphy 
 comedian and   actor on Dave Chapelle's TV Show,  also Eddie Murphy's brother. 
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Defining-Moments-in Black-History,  World's Famous   
Dick Gregory's  literary
Sept. 16 2017 in Landover, Mi.   Family and NNPA"S "Dick Gregory Tribute" eulogizing Society's versatile "prophet" genius H.S. track star, U.S. Vet,  anti-racism comedian; multi-million Bahamian Diet 
founder. First Black author of a 7 million copies  bestseller; 1968 Presidential "Write In" Peace Candidate;  civil and human  rights activist leader. Family advise donors to purchase his recent book in lieu of flowers.  
July 5, 2017, Age 48  The tragic loss of Miosotis Familia, NYPD Officer, former NYU  medical assistant, Red Cross employee, and mother of a 20 years old and 12 year-old twins,  also  her Dominican mother's caretaker reminds us of  former U.S. Pres. Obama and NYC 's Mayor Bloomberg's critical message to Congress to stop illegal guns' acessibility. Rev. Sharpton's NAN donated $5,000 to the Daily News Fund to support her family.  In Oct. 2015 NYGB'S Sing Your Song
 Singer-Songwriters Radio Show paid tribute to NYS Empire  Dev. Corp,  Atty. Gabay and NYC'S
Officer Holder, both wrongfully slain (shown our Memories page).  SING YOUR SONG  Singer-Songwriters were  committed to supporting survivors of family  victims of police/community brutality. 
    Dec. 2017 - Age 27, Erica Garner, also  reported in Britain's U.K. "Evening Herald" (daughter of the late Eric Garner, mother of her infant child, determined Bllack Lives Matter activist and Bernie Sanders, for President Supporter, who's goals for justice, will be instilled, memories of that which she stood for. 
Dec. 2017, Age 57,  Lowell Hawthorne, (Co-Founder and /CEO of Golden Crust Bakery -- the world largest Black restaurant franchise's) tragedy is still deemed "mind boggling" by millions of people, who will continue to recall his friendly. affablle, charitable and community support initiatives, as an astounding  wise and ingenious business magnate, "well ahead of his timel".
   Jan. 23, 2018 Rev. Dr. Wyatt T. Walker's 88 years' legacy :   Chief  Strategist for Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s , first Board Chairman of Rev. Sharpton''s NAN 40 years' Pastor of Canann Baptist Church  in Harlem, teacher, etc. 
      Feb. 23, 2018, age 99 Rev. Billy Graham, most famous  American Envangelical Crusader; first preacher at the White House, who ministered millions worldwide with his Gospel of Christ and World Peace.  Amid some differences Rev. Graham and Dr. King  were known for sharing reverential bonds, etc.
Feb. 2017 At 76, Al Jarreau  the
 first seven times Grammy  Awards  Winner, who won Grammys for his tops Jazz R&B and Pop hits
March 17, 2017 at 91, David Rockefeller, (at a United Negro College Fund gala) reputedly a black-tie statesman, philanthropist banker, and art collector and donor who notably established Chase's huge, global banking empire, following his grandfather's John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s  footsteps, who  lived to age 100,  long after validating his Rockefellers as  America's first billionaire''s family. The sixth child of NY Gov. Nelson Rockefeller,  David  crafted NYC'S  Think Tank  that ended the City's 1960's-1970s fiscal crisis.  He  
built massive housing for NY'S low and middle income families.
    March 2017 at 90, Chuck Berry, genius singer-songwriter-guitarist  also known as  "Father" of Rock and Roll and  Rhythm in Blues pioneer,  after his rough teen-age years, Hia popularity included Maybelline, Rock and Roll Music, Johnnie B. Goode , Nadine hits. some  iwhich were ngeniously  constructed to omit ethnic references thus boosting his \ worldly  acclaim.
Nov. 2016 Gwen Ifil, conducted incisive U.S. presidential and VP tv debates as PBS' Anchor and Managing Editorial award winning  Washington News reporter.
March 2018 At 47 Craig Mack, the New York native is remembered for his Grammy Awards
nominated Flava hit, as Bad
 Boy's Record's first major 
hit record
April 2018 at 103 Gertrude Hadley, whose   years as aatress, dirctor and Producer of her Award Winning Haldley Players plays' is a  record holder, also  for directing at 98, and NY'S first female taxi driver. 
April 2018 Annointed  Mother of Africa Winnie Madikiela Mandela, former wife of  South African
Nelson Mandela',  who's courageous leadership helped end her husband's 27 years of
inxcarceeertation and South Africa's Apartheid, before Nelson  Mandela became President of South Africa  
Aug. 2018 - Aretha Franklin's voice left us no choice but to realize she was the world's only six decades' iconic, renowned classical, gospel, jazz and soul singer-songwriter and pianist music diva whose music will  forever astound us
June 2018.  An out pour of worldwide condolences received for Parts Unknown CNN-TV Host, Celebrity Chef, author, and documentary producer icon for Anthony Bourdain regarding his startling tragedy..
Aug 2018. U.S. Sen. John McCain also  garnered my respect for his 2017 divine intervention that retained Obama Care.  Despite being critically ill  McCain arrived during Congressional debates, voting no.  In  2008 while campaigning against his rival, he corrected a Caucasian women wrongfully labeled his rival. Instead the Senator described then  Sen. Obama as a decent, honorable man.
Nov. 2018 Dazzling Kim, Foxx affectionately as the glamour industry's natural beauty model, actress and amazing mother of her 24 year old son, Quincy Brown,son of her divorced husband, Al B. Sure, (Albert Brown) famous recording artist, producer and actor, and her 13 year of twins by music and business titan P. Diddy Combs (Sean Combs) 
George W. Bush Dec. 2018 President G\marriage to  wife Barbara Bush, for 73 years,  predeceasing him early this year. As the U.S. most patriotic, long lived President, ViP, whose son' George Bush, Jr.  became President approx. 10 years later, Bush Sr. was   a CIA Dirr. fRepublican Party Chairman, and decorated World War II pilot surviving gour enemy attacked planes.
Dec. 2018 Carole Marshall was Laverne on Laverne & Shirley TV show, and  first female dir,/producer of a $100 MM film --Jumping Jack Flash
Dec. 2018 Nancy Wilson, stunning sophisticated  perfect pitched iconic singer and actress since the 1950s. and three times Grammy Winner Wilson's How Glad I Am and other hits included  70 albums recorded, five with Columbia (1960-62.)  She hosted her hit 1960s CBS TV show  
April 2019 John Singleton, Famous Director of Boys In The Hood and other hits fillms  launched  acting careers for numerous popular stars
April 2019 age 33,  popular DJ decade legend   Nipsey Hussle:, motivational, spiritual  HIP= HOP aentrepreneur genius
Oct. 2019 at 90 years old, Hon. U.S. HR John Conyers, despite his 2017 Congressional resignation, was known as the Dean of Washingston.  Conyer's introduced Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's U.S. Birthday Holiday commencing in 1983. Within his 50 years' as the U.S. Congressi' longest seated elected official,  Congress married at  61 and he has two children. As Co-founder of the U.S Black  Congressional Black Caucas, that had seven members when launched.  His illutrious records, show Conyers was Committee Chair for the Government House of Operations and the Judiciary Committe. 
      As a Detroit native, and natty stylish politician during his tenure, the Washington Post loathe Conyers, as the Black politician s treating America's 22 Blacks as his own constituency. Conyers American dreams' fulfillment entailed : Graduation from high school; 1950 enlistment in U..S.Army; 1954 leaves Korean War, and Army as a 2nd Lieutenant; later obtains Wayne State University's Bachelors, and finally his law egree; 1960's becomes a Washington, D. C. employee for John Dillinger, whose 57 Congressional years peaked, shortly before he died months before Conyers passed. By 1969 Conyers faced several obstacles  during  Detroit's riot recovery and its auto industry conflicts. In 2003 Conyers introduced America's first single-taxpayer Medicare for All bill that was rejected. He fought Congress to only censure Adam Clayton Powell; instead Congress did otherwise,,.  Two years later, The U.S. Supreme Court decreed that Powell's outster was illegal. He voted to impeach Nixon.  Two decades later he voted not to impeach Prsidetnt Clinton's extra-marital affair.  He pposed the Vietnam and Persian Golf Wars 
Oct. 2019  Media reports:  Although we at NYGB refused to believe his transistion,  and during his illness, the Hon. Eliijah Cummings, Baltimore MD, and Congress' House Rep's  kindred, righteous, patiently and strategically signed two supeonas as Chairman of the House of Oversight and Reform Justice Committee. New York's Hakeem Jeffreies' Chair of the DNC tweeted  "Congress lost a champion and Heaven gained an Angel of Justice. May he forever rest in peace,."
      As the first U.S. Black Congressional leader who body laid in the U.S. Washington, D.C. capital,  Cummings' 14 years as a lawyer, included being  Maryland's first Delegate to win Pro-tem. Dignitaries, , politicians celebs and others  mourners crowded in and  outside of the funeral , BeBe Wnans sang '" Stand", Cummings favorite  song. 
" And now he had to actually go on to work to fight for the soul of our democracy-against real corruption," said his wife, Dr. Maya Rockeymoore-Cummings.  Dr. Mena's moving eulogy was followed by  Presidents Obama praiseing  Elijah' s humbled beginnings, as that which we tell ourselves what's possible in this country, not guaranteed, but possible and that Mr. Cummings was honorable before he became a politician. President Clinton said Cummings' legacy honored his oath to protect and defend the U.S. constitution. "He was Master of House, North Star and a guide to a better future for our children of the future." said  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Sen. Chuck Schumer nearly apologized for having too little time to elaborate on Cummings, whom he described as  very strong.  "Elijah Cummings not only represented Baltimore, he embodied it. He celebrated its victories and sought to advocate for its needs and worked to heal its wounds."  said Mitch O'Connel and Hillary Clinton's  declared  "Just like the prophet Elijah, from Heaven, he stood against corrupt leadership.