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Inventor, Freddy Figgers, whose  Figger Corp, donated free cell phonees to Puerto Rican  Hurricane  victims,
MSNBC's hostt Joy Reid's, VIP at NANs 2018 Conf.. Cable beats Fox News and CNN  in first qtr. 2018
2018  WBLS-"Steve Harvey" Radio Show host, Family Fued TV host/comon, publicly cites  appreciation of God's blessings  

May 2018 Ballet Hispanio's 
at  Mamhattan's United  
Palace Theatre, 

 April 30,  2018 dealine  for Jay Shawn Carter & Mom's GED or college bound  scholarships
March 2018s Weather Channel purchased by 
 comedy icon Byron Allen's 
Entertainment Studios 
From 9/2  to 9/8 /18 Sisters and Friends attending the 12th annual Martha's Vineyard 
Sep. 2018 , Washington, DC., Chanel Turner, Pres.\CEO of FOU-DRE, first Black  female-owned Vodka liquor 
and Annual Black Wine and  Spirits Convention event sponsor

Etheral By Love Atiya Products 
Dec. 2018 NYGB remiracuously recovered actor Tracy Morgan's "key to the city" honor from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams' on Dec. 9 
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May 2019 Principal Akbar CooSuprisingk of Newark's Westside High School, receved  a surprised visit from Media Magnate Oprah , plus her  $500,000 donation, for Akbar's ccclaimed  Lights  program;  studentss' $50 Shop Rite gift card, plus pizza 
May 2019  Top Black Billionaire Robert F. Smith's startled millions with his unprecdented  Record Breakers announcment to pay all Morehouse 2019 graduates' school debts
Qualifications for CEO Cherry Wawick, Black Blockchain

July 10th' 92nd birthday for NYCs 
108th statesman Mayor David Dinkins, whose term entailed  record-setting reduction of NYCs crime rates, also a Trenton, NJ  native, Howard U. Magna Cum Laude grad., U.S. Marine vet, NYC Assemblyman.  Manhattan Borough Pres. and author.  Dinkins'  built Queen's Arthur Ashe Tennis Statium, NYCs highest revenue generating annual sports events;. 
diplomatic israel; visits; hosted  SAs Nelson Mandela's first U.S. visit , after his 25 years' Anti- Apartheid inctarceration.  

2019s Highest Paid Artists, per Forbes Magazine's  qttests to how dominant  Hip Hop Musich has became  the world's top music genre
Atlanta, GA hosted  their  three days August 2019 "We  Buy Black" Campaign
First Lady Michelle  Obama's Book of the Decade""Bcoming Michelle" published in Nov. 2018, sold over 10 milion copies three months later  as a s  "Becomi No. #1 New York Times and Oprah Winfield's Book Clubs' best-sellers.
Sep. 2019 Chris Williams, Atlanta's Youngest Black Subway Shop Owner, who raised $120,000 was formerly homeless 
Fall 2019 Plitz's  Fashion Week's Penn Hotel Show's  NYC  Red Carpet models' dazzling, "no  buttons, no zippers no wrrinkkles' originals by Designers Palace's Dee Dee Tufts-Carter (front) 
  • Nov. 22 - 29  29, 2019
Vital Statistics: 
How Bobby DeBarge's story aired in 71 million Households, produced by TV ONE a leading, popular Black documentary 
tv producer
Fall 2019 Congratulations  for basket and entrepreneur niegend Shaquille Oneill's new Shaq Towers $80 million luxury apartment building in Newark, NJ  
 Harold Span, the nation's top Black  CEO
in his industry for decades, shares his love and happiness  perspectives beyond  romantic bliss as a  husband and father 
Dec. 2019 , Rev. Frank Gifford on left with NYC religious leaders etc.  at Brooklyn's Borough Hall's Annual  Interfaith Breakfast
Zozunini Tunzi, South Africa's 2019 Ms. Universe's glowing indigenous beauty 
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 Aug. 2019  NYS'   U.S. HR Congressman Antonio Delgado, years after being elected, ion,  by January 2019, as the only Harvard Rhodes Law Scholar, attorney/rap musician' Delgado "FAMILY FARMERS' RELIEF ACT" Bill helps farmers sustain, despite tlosses since the  U.S. vs. China Tariffs 
Sept. 2019 The Annual  Latino History Gala production by Kathy Spencers' New York City Museum of Public Relations
Nov. 2019, Industrial Bank's Harlem Branch opened 85 years since 1934 , after the Black Howard Univ. grad. Jesse Mitchell, re-opened a formerly closed  financial institution, which became Industrial Bank. In 1947 Ebony Magazine featured Industrial, as the nation's largest Black bank. 
Shola Saloko,CEO/
of Bomalink Africa's Business Networking Platform 
Mother appoints daughter as CEO of their cosmetic company
Leisha Campbell Single Mother of five received Texas Univ. Law Degree.
Both NYCs Thomasina Norford and George Norford, her husband, on her right, with Ruth Ellington at NBC-TV Studios, passed in their early 90s. Thomasina,  Beta Thai soror, Former Amsterdam News columiist, also as the first  U.S. Black Congressional Registered  lobbyist, employed in Pres. FDR, successfully lobbied for Black females joining  the U.S. Armed forces. In 1952 George,  U.S. Army Captain vet was hired by  NBC-TV  as a Today Show press agent . His 1958 Subject is Jazz's TV  Show was hosted by pianist Billy Taylor. Through 1993, as Westinghouse/s longest-seated  Board member, and  the U.S. top Black TV exec.  
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2018 - 17 years since  Brooklyn's iconic young rapper lost his life, a Street is named in his honor  by Brooklyn Borough Pres., former  NYC Police Captain and 100 Black Men in Law Enforcement Co-founder 
Spring 2018 - Valerie Simpson, icon-singer'songwriter, pianist and owner of she and her late husband's Ashford  & Simpson Sugar Bar Restaurant in Manhattan received flowers following her first raved Chidago's Broadweay MUSICAL performance. 
2018 Former, Founder & Producer of American Idol Randy Jackson has returned to produceing his music, and other artists, posing with Paula Abdul, choreographer icon. 
April 2020 Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman's Adheres to Greater Fiscal Responsibility
Dec. 2020 Confirmation: Music 
icon Pattie Labelle's 36,000 Sweet Potatoe pies sold 1,500/hr. at Walmart during Thanksgiving's 
2020 weekend 
 Jan. 2021 Sen. Minority Whip Schumer  & House Speaker Pelosi help secured Americans' $908 Billion Covid-19  Relief Funds
NOV. 2020 Pres. Obama's  "A Promised Land," 2020's Times Best Selling millions of copies in  first week. 
Dec. 2020; NYC officials' Memorial Tribute to aged 93 David Dinkins former NYC Mayor Boro Pres. and State Assembly
at  Rev. 
Sharpton's NAN 
NYGB  Recommends this 
stimulating educational Xmas gift for Blacks and, public schools, etc. world-wide
Latoya Smith and Ernest Gains' Profit Room trains Blacks to  generate stock wealth   investments
Dec. 2020 Jack Dorsey's $15MM U.S. Mayors funds for residents. 
In April 2020 he donated $1 Billion dollars for Covid 19 
medical treatments
Dec. 2020 Humanitarian and music leading lady "Queen Bey"  invites people to apply at NAACPs for her $10,000 stop eviction housing grants months since she wrote the  Police Commissioner seeking justice against guilty officers 
who killed Breonna Taylor 

Fall 2020; Mary J.  Blige and Curtis Jackson, aka "50 cents" are executive producers of ABCs "Family Affair" comedy , including Mary J. starring in "50 cents"  major  Power" TV series
 His 2021 Lawsuit against  white law firm employer
Jan 2021 A Hersholt Oscar Awarded film and stage titan Tyler Perry, still employing talent throughout COVID 19 Pandemic 
2021 With over 1,500 stores stocking several of their clients'  brands, this HBCU power-couple grads helps Black grocers  sell  their products in these U.S. stores
Youngest U.S. Inauguration Poet in Jan. 2021 to the Super Bowl 2021 Poetry 

April 2020 Black Inventor's 911 Alert to Keep family and friends iin close contact 
2020 Surge in successful Black 
millenials purchasiing homes 
July 2020 Ernest Quanasch's announced pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes 
as  curable

Black Couple's New Black Dating Sports Loving Fans' App 
National Black Clinicians Directory
Remembering  icons since 2020 spring thru Feb. 2021 
Black News another Black business loan program 
Jan 2021 New York State Gov. Cuomo now accepts casino bids from this current era's challenged developers
 Jan. 2021 Amanda Gorman, 
U. S. youngest age, 22,  Inauguration poet  laureate, also  l performerdat  2021 Super Bowl 
     Mary Wilson, Suprenes
Larry King            Hank Aaron
John Thompson        Andre Harrell 
Ruth Gingsberg  Chadwick  Boseman
Fannie Lou Hammer
Before his  untimely transition in 2020,  iconic John Lewis, Civil Rights leader/ U.S. HR Georgia's Georgia Democrat saw Stacy Abrams diligent campaign for Georgia's new 2021 Democrati Senators : Rev. Warnock and John Ossoff first Demeocratic senators since the 1980s
Dec. 20,20 Worldwide Congratulations for Ignauguration 
of President Joseph Biden and 
Vice President Kamela Harris 

D.K Buford's "Black Innovations that Built this nation"
the first  music CD citing 100 Black patented inventions 
2021 Heroic Eugene Goodman MTA Capitol Policeman receives Congressional Gold Medal
2021 Heroic, South River, NJ U.S. Capitol Police Officer, Brian Sicknick is the only police offiicerrs whose body laid rest in the U.S. Capital Rountunda
Feb. 2021 Enchantingly beautiful 20th/21st Cenntury stage/screen star, Madamn Cecily Tyson exuded  indelible compassion and wisdom for 70 years. Our Givers and Winners' NYGB writer Velma Banks, hailed 2013 as Tyson's "Broadway year". Then age 88, Tyson'won Broadway's Drama Desk, Best Actress, among  awards for her stunning"Trip to Bountifull" lead role.
Feb. 2021 Black Lives
PRIZE nomination submitted by a Norweigan lawmaker 
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John Lewis, Rev. Sharpton (NAN) and Martin Luther King, III 2013 D.C. Voting Rights March on Wash
Aug.28, 2021 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity  
$25K donation or NANs Civil Rights Icon
John Lewis Voting Rights March in  DC
July 2021 Final NYC Mayoral Primary Winner, two terms Brooklyn Borough President also reflecting his spectacular fund raising.
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Sept. 2020 Brooklyn , her brother and mom, wearing masks eturn to NYC public schools.
June 2021 All Eyes on BET's Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Queen Latifah, acclaimed  prolific, HIp-Hop/RB/Jazz music, acting and business iconic female  tycoon
New York's next Democrat  Hon. Mayor Eric Adams and Florida's  potential Hon. Democrat Senator Val Demmings may become historic legends, as former first Black ranking  police officers. Adams, is a former NYPD captain. Demmings is a former Chief of Police in Orlando, Florida
* * * * *
Oct. 2021 Coliin Powell  age 84, the foremost U.S. decorated 20th and 21st Century military leader  and author of two best-selling memoirs, citing his born in Bronx, NY, humble childhood, whose military  career  impact included that as a U.S. four-star general, National Security Advisor and Defense Secy.
Sep. 2021 at NYS  MET gala,  AOC, U.S. Congress-woman elegantly draped in   her "Tax the Rich" gown