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He works equally as comfortably with the neighborhood client who can afford only $3 a week as he does for an impressive list of companies on his client roster. and what a client roster it is: Key Span, Amalgamated Union, social Concern Community Development Corp., Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, Cabs Nursing Home and their affiliates, North General Home Attendant Agency, United States Military Academy At West point – and the list goes on.

Sam Dunston is highly respected in business and loved and greatly appreciated for all of his civic generosity and compassion throughout the community at large.

Security Mutual Topflight Member – 1999
Security Mutual Bronze Medalist – Sales Sprint 1996
Professional specialization: work site marketing

Education: St. Augustine College, bachelor of science degree

Past Honors:
Security Mutual Partnership Conference – 2002
Security Mutual TopFlight Member – 1999
Security Mutual Bronze Medalist – Sales Sprint 1996
Professional Specialization: Worksite Marketing

Education: St. Augustine College, Bachelor of Science Degree

Professional and Charitable Memberships:
Lifetime Member of NAACP, Chairman of Brooklyn Minority and Women Development Chamber of Commerce: Patron Member of CORE; Treasurer of the New York Chapter, National Business League, Board Member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce; Charter Member of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce; Member of Bethel Baptist Church; Board Member of Bedford Stuyvesant Kiwanis Club; Advisory Board Member to SBDC Regional Center of Long Island University; Boy Scout Council; The Sports Caster Association, The Brooklyn Hospital, Community Advisory Board, Brooklyn Sports Foundation; Young Men’s Christian Association [YMCA]; Board Member of CABS Nursing Home; Board Member of Central Brooklyn Coordinating Council.

​                                                                                             IRMA TYUS-MITCHELL
                                                                Founder Publisher, New York, Publicist, Ad
                                                               Agency Specialist, Playwright, Literary Consultant, Founder/
                                                                President of Sing Your Song Singer-Songwriters' Fundraisers  

Irma Tyus-Mitchell, Publisher of New York’s Magazine, recalls that day after New York’ City’s July 1977 Black-out when she ignored warnings not to arrive at her first New York City secretarial assignment.  Long before publishing her 1992-93 TV Events Manhattan Guide, her unprecedented career legacy thrived obligingly.
       Irma''s Johnson & Johnson's J&J’s (Secretarial Training Certificate landed her first secretarial position at Livingston College, NJ. . She attended New York’s School of Technology; play-writing workshops at the New York’s Negro Ensemble Company and various continuing education courses. Irma’s secretarial aspirations, formulated as a 17 year-old, Neighborhood Youth Corps' clerical worker, reporting to New Jersey’s first female Mayor Patricia Sheehan, of New Brunswick, NJ (her hometown). At 19, Irma, left her full-time, keypunch operator job, in Summit, NJ, the same night after leaving her coveted, part-time, female, floor-modeling job, at Bambergers’ in Plainfield, NJ, (before this national chain store became Macy’s-Bambergers). She was the non-aspiring model and, single mother, promoted from her Bambergers’ part-time cashier job. She delayed accepting Bamberger’s chain’s first Black floor model, for two weeks, until she read The Model Trap.  
        At age 20, at J&J the world's leading health care manufacturer who  employed her six months prior, after Roy Epps, an Urban League of New Jersey President scheduled her placement interview financially awarded and  and featured Irma in J&J'S   Corporations' Bulletin Magazine.  During their fifth year after employing Blacks in their office, the magazine Irma as J&J first offie clerical employee to revised and upgrade a standard office’s monthly resulting in the Corporation's saving.  Irma's modification of J&J's Specification's Division's procedure, process and material catalogs, resulted in their hiring one less employee, utilizing less paper, and four days less to complete..  
        In January 1975 Irma refused a press card from Carl Offord, Publisher of  his dazzling, Black American Newspaper, in New York.  Unfazed about Irma’s denial that she wasn’t a journalist, but a secretary, writing short-stories and poems, he explained his assumption that he thought she wrote for Innervisions Agency, after extensively asking him several questions during their meeting with Claude Spivey, President of NJ’s Innervisions’ and her recently met cousin, Donald Tyus, also of Innervisions.  Before that meeting, Spivey asked Irma to question Carl, because he himself could not respond to her inquiries,  despite his plans for a New Jersey Black American Newspaper Bureau.   They rode with Irma, in her Firebird’s first drive to New York. Both men urged her to accept the distinguished publisher's  press card, after Carl promised Irma, he’d advised her to study journalism or English, if her first article required much editing. Soon Irma’s Morse Donaldson School of Ballet in Newark, NJ, feature was published in the Black American Newspaper. 1975 ended with Irma’s NJ’s Forum Newspaper articles, published by Jonathan Blount, an Essence Magazine’s publisher/founder and her Moments ‘ (Ray, Goodman & Brown) cover story in publisher’s Jimmy Smith’s Happening Magazine.
        Aside from writing plays and more, since 1981 Irma’s freelance articles featured actor Calvin Lockhart’s hosting Dr. Bob La Prince’s National Council of Culture & Arts’ fundraiser, in the Amsterdam News. Thereafterm Graphica, Caribbean News, Daily Challenge, Enlightenment, Carib Life, Gladiator Magazine, Harlem Times Magazine, Black Noir Magazine, Beacon, Harlem News, etc. 
        Carolyn Byrd, Bubbling Brown Sugar’s Broadway’s star helped launched Irma’s publicity career for the humanitarian, Mother Clara Hale’s 1981’s first Hale House Celebrity Fundraiser, at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall. Months later, President Ronald Reagan and Alphonse D’Amato cited Mother Hale, A Great American Hero, and recipient of $2MM government funding.
Austin Sutton’s  Ms. Entertainment New York pageants; Trinidadian/Tobago's; Ambassador Jacobs’ at Rockefeller Ctr;"Eubie BlakeTribute”on WWRL’S FM  Radio's Host/Producer Bob Law’s "Night Talk Radio"; Wall Street’s first music video, Wall Street Rap, by Dr. “T”; Produced New York’s first Elected Officials and Private & Health Care Panelist’s Health Care Made Affordable Forum, for Sam Dunston’s National Allotment Insurance Agency; Executive Producer of Dow K. Buford’s “Black Innovation’s That Built…” African-American inventors’ first, educational, RB/Jazz music CD; Nelson Farmer's "More Than Just Golf/It's A Golf Thing" Tutorial and Sports Training Program;;Direct Sales and Network Marketing Entrepreneurs' Event Promotions, Card Resources  Merchant Services, Regional Manager, with prestigious IGT//NY Times restaurant clients: LaMediterranee, P. Diddy Combs’ Justins’, Italian restaurants, etc; Spanish Yellow Pages'  only non-speaking Spanish account executive, recipient of two top sales awards, occupying top 20% of its  sales force for five months; Dottie Media’s Black Noir Magazine’s advertising/marketing  director’s 60 accounts (2005-2008).
       Secretary of the Month Awardee for a six-month Fedex Corp assignment.  During AOL/Time Warner’s merger, negotiations she recorded Time, Inc.’s unions’ and Warner Brothers’  meetings.  “In-demand” assignments included Ogden'a 100 Conglomerate’s  Corp.'s PR Vice President,  Altman Stoller Weiss, Ogilvy & Mather, Y&R and Richmond Ad Agencies; WPIX-TV’s President’s Office; Eastman Dillon,Raoul  Lionel Felder and LeBeouf, Lieby, Lamb & McCrae law firms.

                                                                                      SAMUEL L. DUNSTON, SR.
                                                                               Former President/Co-Founder New York 
                                                                                  President of National Alloment Insurance 
                                                                                  President, Number One Star Corporation

Samuel Dunston, Sr. is justly proud his over 50 years of prominence in the insurance and employee benefits fields, but not nearly as proud of the opportunities his prominence brings people around him. he is, in every sense of the word, a people person. from his early years as an agent in North Carolina to the founding of his National Allotment Insurance a Agency, Ltd., in 1977, an early home-based business, whose solidly steady growth today places it among the leading outstanding minority-owned and operated businesses in the New York Metropolitan area Samuel Dunston has been the consummate professional. it is no accident that he is highly regarded in the business and civic communities; no accident that groups such as local IWA Union –Local 1182, Local 1707, Local 389, Local 300 and numerous church councils are as eager for his counsel as are the boards of directors, to name  a few.

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